The easiest way to host your Simple Azure Virtual Machines Manager is to use Windows Azure Web Site. It is possible to have 10 web sites for free.

Update Web.config

Open Windows Azure Management Portal. Open section Settings and tab Subscriptions. Take note of Subscription ID, you want to manage by SAVMM.

Open Web.config file in Web folder in deployment package.
Find setting WindowsAzureSubscriptionID and set value attribute to Subscription ID obtained in previous step.

    <add key="WindowsAzureSubscriptionID" value="{subscription_id}" />

Save the Web.config file.

Create new Web Site

In Windows Azure Management Portal open Web Sites section.
At bottom bar click NEW then navigate to Compute -> Web Site -> Quick create.
Specify web site URL and region that you want to create web site in.
Click Create Web Site


Now open created web site and select Dashboard tab.

There are many options to upload web site in Windows Azure. I will describe using FTP. Although, I strongly recommend to use FTPS, because this is more secure. Procedure is almost the same, but you need to find your favorite FTPS client, because this is not integral part of Windows.

At the dashboard page click Setup your deployment credentials. Then enter user name and password that will be required to deploy web site over FTP, FTPS or Git.


Upload web site

Now everything is ready to upload the web site.
At the Dashboard find Deployment / FTP user setting and keep note of the user name. This will be used to login. Then find FTP host name URL. Copy the URL and open it in Windows Explorer or any other FTP client of your choice. Enter user name from Dashboard and password you selected in previous step.

Open folder site/wwwroot. And copy all files from Web folder of deployment package to the wwwroot folder.


Now the web site is ready to use. Open the web site (URL can be found again at Dashboard). Select Virtual Machines from menu. Login with credentials specified in Active Directory. First time you will be prompted to change password. And now you can start and stop virtual machines in your Windows Azure subscription.


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